Thursday, March 20, 2008

Now the Current Posts Start

16. Living Dead In Dallas - Harris
17. Club Dead - Harris

Have I mentioned my deep and quite new love of Charlaine Harris? I don't think I have. I am going to say this now... I am obsessed. I had heard good things about the Sookie Stackhouse Series. When I asked for suggestions on paperback swap for books that feature vampires (because I'm obsessed with Buffy) I ordered several of the books. This was quite a long time ago... and for some reason my stupid brain was like "No Bethany, read every other thing first don't open that book that you'll absolutely love even though you don't even know it yet." (I've got great internal dialogue).
But I'll stop that now. All I have to say is that the Sookie series is absolutely amazing. I finished Club Dead yesterday and went through withdrawals on my lunch break because I didn't have my nose stuck in a book. When I got home from work I nonchalantly mentioned my addiction to my husband. He sees right through me.
"Go ahead and order the next one" He says.
"But there are several" I say.
"How many?" He says with deep trepidation.
And at that I swiftly pull out a list of books that I printed out while at work today... that totally gave my whole scheme away. (As if it was a secret to begin with... I am so transparent.)

We will be going to Hastings a little later.

Okay... so impressions of books two and three in the Sookie Stackouse series:
  • Adventurous
  • SEXY
  • Probably shouldn't read them at work.
  • I want more right now.
  • Who would've thought that there could be three characters in a single book who you really want to do the main character? AND you don't care which one it is! (Sorry, but it is true).
  • Charlaine Harris is my hero.
Okay, my brain is too clouded by desire for the rest of the books that I cannot think properly, but suffice to say: The Sookie series is a keeper for me, and I will proudly display the set alongside my complete set of Harry Potter, my autographed Neil Gaiman selections, and my recently acquired hardcover copy of The Neverending Story.

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