Thursday, March 27, 2008

Vampires, Time Travel, Real Life

21. All Together Dead - Harris

I obviously had to take some time off from Outlander when I was able to get this one because I had eagerly anticipated it far days. (A little impatient, I know)

I am really impressed with Charlaine Harris. Even though I have really enjoyed all the books in the series I was getting a little bit bored with having kind of the same plot line in each of the books. This one took Sookie completely out of her comfort zone and it was actually a bit more serious. That is probably because it was written after Hurricane Katrina. The book did mention that, and in general there was just a lot more disaster. I really enjoyed reading it, and I'm sad that it is over. Luckily I only have to wait until May for the next installment. The first chapter of From Dead to Worse was included at the end of this one so I got a little taste of what's to come. I'm looking forward to it.

And now - Outlander. It took me a bit to get into it, but now I am really enjoying it. I wasn't that interested until the woman read Claire's tea leaves and her palm. It has continued to get better from that point. More about that one when I've finished though.

In other news - I am taking Monday and Tuesday off so that I will have a four day weekend. I am hoping that it will keep my head from exploding... work has been stressful for a few days. Working at a mental health center is rewarding, but sometimes I wish I had a job that had a lower death toll. I hadn't experienced much loss in my life until the mental health center and now it has really compounded. I wonder if it is something that I will ever be able to adjust to... I also don't know if it is something that I want to adjust to. Anyway... it is difficult.

Monday, March 24, 2008

I think I've made a decision

Outlander - Galbadon

I started reading last night. I've heard that it is really good, but I've never been a huge fan of historical fiction... I am a fan of time travel though so I am going to give it a try. I haven't really gotten into it yet, but there hasn't really been any action either. I will have patience... At least until tomorrow when All Together Dead is out. ;)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Don't Fight It or Recognizing Denial

For quite some time now I have insisted that I do not like reading romances or westerns. Well, I've been thinking. I cannot say that I don't like romances... well I can, but I think I might be lying. They just have to be supernatural romances. I think the elitist English major in me didn't want to admit that I could thoroughly enjoy fluff... (I don't know why I've got such a negative attitude towards romance in the first place).
So I am just going to get this off my chest:

Over the past year or so I have read a few supernatural romances and I have really enjoyed
them. I have denied and denied, but I will deny no longer. I really like reading supernatural romances.

Okay I feel better.

20. Definitely Dead - Harris

I finished this afternoon. Unfortunately I don't have All Together Dead yet, but I am anxiously awaiting Tuesday when it is released. I think I may be going through withdrawals, but I don't know and maybe I wouldn't admit it if I were. So yeah, just as good as the rest, still pretty sexy and now there's a weretiger. That's pretty cool. I found it funny that I said Sookie was kind of a slut in the last post, but in this one she wasn't so much. (Not that I mind a slutty Sookie. She certainly keeps me amused.) She didn't have actual sex with anyone in this book. And she only kissed a couple different guys so that's pretty chaste for her.
I have one complaint about these books so far. This is definitely the English major in me speaking, but here it is: Would it kill the people who publish these books to hire someone who can read and pick out various grammatical errors. Every single one of the books has had at least a couple that made me stop and re-read just to make sure that it was really there. It is so distracting. There were situations where the wrong word was used and the sentence made absolutely no sense. Is it so difficult to proofread? I've never encountered this in any other series, but it frustrates me. The errors will not make me quit reading the series, but I am still annoyed.
I'm done now. I have no idea what to read next. Maybe I'll take a day off. Maybe not.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Not an Addict

I thought I'd pop in here briefly to talk about the reading that I've done in the past two-ish days.

18. Dead to the World - Harris
19. Dead as a Doornail - Harris

So I've pretty much not stopped reading in the past few days... with the exception of working. (But even then I read on my lunch break)
These two books have been every bit as good as the others by Harris. They really sweep you up. I've been thinking about it a bit, and I've realized that they are addictive like Buffy the Vampire Slayer is addictive. They're not like great literature or anything, (Sorry Charlaine) but they have all sorts of twists and turns. They are brimming with sexual tension. There is romance, action, fantasy, etc.
I think I am just surprised that I have become so immersed in these books when they are so different from what I usually read. I do, of course, read fantasy a lot but they don't usually contain scenes that make me blush. Seriously - They're naughty. Interesting that Sookie goes from being a virgin to being kind of a slut.
Anyhow... all I'm saying is that it is unusual, but I won't fight it. I am enjoying the books as much as and as quickly as possible despite the effect that the total immersion kind of conflicts with real life. My husband is still driven crazy by the constant reading and he is still threatening to call the people that run the show Intervention because I so obviously need one. ;) I could totally quit if I wanted to with no problem. I just don't want to... Trust me... I've got it under control.

I suppose that it should go without saying that I'm well into Definitely Dead at this point and that's okay.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ready? Okay.

So I dragged my husband to Hastings to pick up the remaining Sookie books, but they only had two of the four. (Sad, I know) We went to Barnes & Noble and they had one more. So now I have Dead Until Dark, Living Dead in Dallas, Club Dead, Dead to the World, Dead as a Doornail, and Definitely Dead.

Apparently All Together Dead hasn't been released yet, which I didn't realize. I just checked and I guess it is a reprint. So that's cool. I can wait until Tuesday. Book eight From Dead to Worse is due out on May 6. I have mixed feelings about that because I will obviously want to read it immediately, but unless I wait to buy the paperback my set won't match. It is a real dilemma. I'm sure I'll break down and buy it.. that is just my way. Poor me, right? :p

Okay, I suppose I should go start reading now... these books certainly are not going to read themselves. ;) Plus, Lost is on in an hour so I have limited time.

Must. Stop. Typing.

It is so difficult. I love my new blog.

Now the Current Posts Start

16. Living Dead In Dallas - Harris
17. Club Dead - Harris

Have I mentioned my deep and quite new love of Charlaine Harris? I don't think I have. I am going to say this now... I am obsessed. I had heard good things about the Sookie Stackhouse Series. When I asked for suggestions on paperback swap for books that feature vampires (because I'm obsessed with Buffy) I ordered several of the books. This was quite a long time ago... and for some reason my stupid brain was like "No Bethany, read every other thing first don't open that book that you'll absolutely love even though you don't even know it yet." (I've got great internal dialogue).
But I'll stop that now. All I have to say is that the Sookie series is absolutely amazing. I finished Club Dead yesterday and went through withdrawals on my lunch break because I didn't have my nose stuck in a book. When I got home from work I nonchalantly mentioned my addiction to my husband. He sees right through me.
"Go ahead and order the next one" He says.
"But there are several" I say.
"How many?" He says with deep trepidation.
And at that I swiftly pull out a list of books that I printed out while at work today... that totally gave my whole scheme away. (As if it was a secret to begin with... I am so transparent.)

We will be going to Hastings a little later.

Okay... so impressions of books two and three in the Sookie Stackouse series:
  • Adventurous
  • SEXY
  • Probably shouldn't read them at work.
  • I want more right now.
  • Who would've thought that there could be three characters in a single book who you really want to do the main character? AND you don't care which one it is! (Sorry, but it is true).
  • Charlaine Harris is my hero.
Okay, my brain is too clouded by desire for the rest of the books that I cannot think properly, but suffice to say: The Sookie series is a keeper for me, and I will proudly display the set alongside my complete set of Harry Potter, my autographed Neil Gaiman selections, and my recently acquired hardcover copy of The Neverending Story.

Still Going Strong

March 16

15. Elsewhere - Zevin

I had a very good feeling about Elsewhere. When I read the description I thought it would be similar to The Lovely Bones which I really enjoyed. It did turn out to be similar, but not quite what I expected.

Elsewhere was clearly written for younger people. It was a very quick read, but also quite good. At times I was a little bit annoyed at how childish it was, but I worked hard to keep the audience it was intended for in mind. Zevin did a very good job of creating characters that you really care about. Part of the reason why I finished in a day was that I just really wanted to know how Liz's journey would progress. It had great ups and downs. I really enjoyed the read.

Up next: Living Dead in Dallas - Harris


March 16

14. Tinker - Spencer

I finished this one a whole lot quicker than I thought I would. Tinker is the most original fantasy book that I have read in a very long time. It has the feel of regular fantasy (I think it is called High Fantasy or something like that), but it blends technology in as well. It is often difficult to separate magic from science. I just really don't know where to begin for this book. It is just all around surprising. I'd get to a point where I felt like I knew how everything was going to be and then there would suddenly be a steamy sex scene. Then there would be a description of fairly extreme gore. There is romance, action, fantasy, science fiction, and more. This book has pretty much anything that you could think of.

I guess I just have to say "Wow." So someone recommended this a long time ago. I don't remember who, but I would like to thank that person because this book restores my faith in the fantasy genre. It is nice to know that once you've sifted through all the typical books and have ended up thoroughly frustrated with the lack of selection that you can still find something that is truly original.

All right, I'm done gushing. Now I've just got to decide what to read next. I got a box of books from amazon today and I don't know what to choose.

Another one bites the dust

March 13

13. Downsiders - Shusterman

It took some time, but I did eventually get into this book. It wasn't as good as most of the other books that I have read so far this year, but it was interesting. The basic idea of it: Forbidden love between two teenagers who are just trying to figure out who they are and who they are going to be. It was nice and you get to see a lot of character growth.
So.. I've definitely read better, but it was nice for filler.

Next up: Tinker - Spencer

I've heard good things about it so I hope it lives up to my expectations.

Life As We Knew It

March 8

12. Life As We Knew It - Pfeffer

This book was great. I had heard good things about it and they were all true. It was truly an engrossing read. Since I finished reading it, I have caught myself thinking about what it would be like to truly be in that situation. It really puts things into perspective. The only complaint that I can think of is that there are some things about it that are just not realistic, but I can deal with that. It is just a book and it is meant for teens so they have leeway there.

I've just started Downsiders - Shusterman I'm not really feeling it yet, but I will still give it awhile. I have been feeling kind of ill for a couple days anyway so that could have something to do with it. It is definitely an interesting concept so we'll see what happens.

2008 Books

March 4
I didn't do so well with the new author challenge last year so this year I am just going to keep track of what I read. I've been a little crazy with reading this year so here is the list (in the order that I remember them) so far:
1. Artemis Fowl - Colfer
2. Ender's Game - Card
3. Poison Study - Snyder
4. Magic Study - Snyder
5. Fire Study - Snyder
6. Dead Until Dark - Harris
7. Alien Secrets - Klause
8. The Fall - Nix
9. Which Witch - Ibottson
10. The Book of Names - Peel
11. Julie & Julia - Powell

I am satisfied with my choices so far this year. Several of those books are kids books, but I think they fueled the fire. Ender's Game was amazing.. It was so much more than I expected it to be and I cannot wait to continue the series.
Poison Study, Magic Study, and Fire Study were all fabulous. As soon as I finished Poison Study I had to have Magic Study and was pleasantly surprised that there was a third book. I am sad that it is over though.
I finished Dead Until Dark tonight. I was pleasantly surprised with that one too. I love the random vampire story and this one was no disappointment. It was kind of sexy too. ;)
All right, that is all for now. Next up is Life As We Knew It.

Why I'm Here

Since I was a very young girl I have read. I often read to the point of driving others (a.k.a my loving husband) to the brink of insanity. Apparently that can be annoying. The reading obsession kind of goes in phases and I am in the midst of one of the more severe phases right now. I cannot seem to stop... and I don't really want to. On March 4 of this year I decided to record all the books that I read this year. I've been keeping track with notebook entries at, but I have now made the decision that I would like to be a bit more formal in my record... hence the blog.
So I am now transferring my notebook entries to blog entries.

So as to avoid being too annoying that will start in the next post.