Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'm a Dork and I Don't Care

25. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Little Things - Moesta
26. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Power of Persuasion - Massie

Still going on with that little Buffy obsession. These books are really guilty pleasures. They are really corny and quite teeny-boppery, but I really enjoy them.

Little Things was really fun because the villains were faeries that are vampires. Buffy and friends have to think small in order to defeat the baddies. This one took place after Spike had been implanted with the chip that hurts him if he hurts humans. Spike is one of my favorite Buffy characters so it was nice to see him playing a good sized part. I had forgotten how protective he was of Dawn.

Power of Persuasion was fun too. I really love mythology and this book took well known Goddesses and put them in the Buffy Universe. I won't reveal too much here because that's no fun, but there is some pretty sick stuff in this book. haha.

One of the things that I just really love about Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel (On TV and in Books) is that the writers often take a well known story and twist it so it is something vaguely familiar. And then when you realize what is going on at the end you want to kick yourself because you should have known all along. I still have quite a collection of Buffy and Angel books left in my pile of books to be read and so I'll probably keep going with them for awhile until I get sick of them or I finish them.

Now it is time for a bit more about the Ben Folds show. I am so sad that it is over because I'm sure that he'll never be back to Montana. He played a huge variety of stuff. Army and Not the Same were great because they are the major audience participation ones. As soon as he started Zak and Sara things got a little more wild and so everyone was standing. We were like ten feet from him. It was awesome. The audience sang Bitches Ain't Shit word for word which is hilarious because it is actually a cover of a Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg song. I don't know. It was just awesome - the whole experience, and now I want to do it again and again. I feel a little depressed though. I've never experienced that after a concert. I think it is because it is going to be one hell of a long time before anyone really worth seeing comes to Bozeman again. When I lived in Michigan it was different because everyone goes there. There are actually large cities in Michigan, but Montana... well no one really thinks of Montana.

C'est la vie

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Quick Post Before Sleepy Time

First of all - I am not tired at all.
Patrick and I went to see Ben Folds tonight. He was awesome. Ben Lee opened. He was also awesome.

So the show was spectacular. We had front row seats and we were so close that we could see spit flying as he sang and we could also see the calluses on his fingers from how hard he pounds the keys. It was so cool.

It was a very good time. I wish we could do it all over again.

The pictures are below. I like the third one the best. They're kind of blurry because they were taken on my cellphone, but Patrick did a great job.

I just don't even know what else to say. It was awesome. More tomorrow once I have had some sleep. I've also read another book, but Ben Folds is more important tonight.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Books based on TV shows

24. Angel: Image - Odom

So, I did decide that I should read some fluff before attempting Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. I like fluffy books. When I was doing some hardcore ordering from I got a bunch of books based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. I have been feeling the pull of the shows once again so I decided to read a book based on Angel. It was good. Not spectacular, not bad - just good. I still want to watch the shows though. I don't know what I'll read next.

In non-reading news:
*Last night Patrick and I went to Bozeman's first drag show. It was called Revolution. I don't know about Patrick, but I haven't had that much fun in a long time. It was hilarious. All the performers were great. We were sitting pretty close to the stage (Third row) and as soon as Foxxy V. Love came out and started interacting with the audience I was wishing that we had sat further away. (Only because we're shy. lol) So over the course of the show we got sprayed with a penis shaped water gun (courtesy of Sharon Fluids), our faces were brushed with a pink fan made out of feathers (Foxxy V. Love), and my husband got a lap dance form Mercedes Benz. It was a hilarious and very fun evening... especially after two very drunk girls who kept crawling onto the stage were removed from the building. It really gives me a little more faith in Bozeman. It is great to know that we can experience such diversity in a Montana town.

*The Ben Folds show is Tuesday! I'm really excited. We've got front row seats and I am so excited I could die. Nothing more to say about that. I will absolutely update after the show. I cannot wait!!!

*Sometimes it feels like we are fighting a losing battle in trying to find an affordable apartment that we can have a pet in. This town is infuriating. We've got calls out on a few places, but we'll see what happens. It is really hard to get the more affordable places because there is so much competition for them. So yeah... that's really frustrating. I hope we can find something soon. We had a stray kitty come to our door last week and I really wanted to keep her. She was absolutely beautiful and I am sure that she and Dru would've gotten along if they would have had the chance. We took her to the Humane Society. I am sure that they had found her owners if she had them or she is already adopted because she was so cute and lovable.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

When did I get so slow?

23. The Magician's Guild - Canavan

So after attacking the monster that is Outlander I decided that I needed to read something a little bit lighter. The Magician's Guild was lighter, but not as light as I thought it would be. The story as a whole is interesting, but it was a struggle to move through some parts. I'm interested in finding out what happens in the next book in the series, but I don't know that I am willing to actually read that book. I don't know if I have the patience to wade through the boring just to find out what happens. I liked the story, but I didn't really enjoy all the reading. I don't know if that even makes sense, but there it is.

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell is what I decided to read next, but now that I am a few pages in I am not so sure. I think I need to read some fluff before I attack that one. we'll see what happens.

In other non-reading news:
Patrick and I are still struggling to find an apartment that is affordable and allows cats. Every day I get more pissed off because of the ridiculously high rental rates in this town. And then today we couldn't even look because our newspaper website is only showing one classified ad. it is a help wanted ad for the newspaper. I was in a grumpy mood so I wrote a complaint. It is hard enough to find a place in this town without having to fall behind all the people who are able to subscribe to the newspaper. The classifieds online are already one day behind what is current. Missing this whole day does not help our chances of finding something.

All right, that's all the bitching I have time for right now.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I feel faint

22. Outlander - Gabaldon

Well, not really. Reading Outlander was quite an adventure. I feel like it took forever, but I really enjoyed it. I was worried there for a bit, but as soon as she got to 1743 I was good. Things got a lot more interesting. I liked it a lot, but I don't know if or when I will continue the series. These days I don't like to have to try all that much in my reading and Outlander was difficult. There is just a lot of detail. Sometimes it really frustrated me because I just wanted to know what happened next while all the details were laid out. I like details, but it kind of felt like too much. Especially since I like to read quickly and move onto the next thing. Gabaldon doesn't allow that and as infuriating as it is I guess I don't mind too much. The story was great and there was always just enough of a cliff hanger at the end of the chapter to make me not want to put the book down. What I really want to know about is Geilie Duncan.

So yes, Outlander was enjoyable.

P.S. I just checked Wikipedia to see how many books are in the series and read a bit of a synopsis of Dragonfly in Amber . I might just have to continue after all, but my brain needs a break first.

Okay, bye now.