Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I feel faint

22. Outlander - Gabaldon

Well, not really. Reading Outlander was quite an adventure. I feel like it took forever, but I really enjoyed it. I was worried there for a bit, but as soon as she got to 1743 I was good. Things got a lot more interesting. I liked it a lot, but I don't know if or when I will continue the series. These days I don't like to have to try all that much in my reading and Outlander was difficult. There is just a lot of detail. Sometimes it really frustrated me because I just wanted to know what happened next while all the details were laid out. I like details, but it kind of felt like too much. Especially since I like to read quickly and move onto the next thing. Gabaldon doesn't allow that and as infuriating as it is I guess I don't mind too much. The story was great and there was always just enough of a cliff hanger at the end of the chapter to make me not want to put the book down. What I really want to know about is Geilie Duncan.

So yes, Outlander was enjoyable.

P.S. I just checked Wikipedia to see how many books are in the series and read a bit of a synopsis of Dragonfly in Amber . I might just have to continue after all, but my brain needs a break first.

Okay, bye now.

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