Sunday, March 23, 2008

Don't Fight It or Recognizing Denial

For quite some time now I have insisted that I do not like reading romances or westerns. Well, I've been thinking. I cannot say that I don't like romances... well I can, but I think I might be lying. They just have to be supernatural romances. I think the elitist English major in me didn't want to admit that I could thoroughly enjoy fluff... (I don't know why I've got such a negative attitude towards romance in the first place).
So I am just going to get this off my chest:

Over the past year or so I have read a few supernatural romances and I have really enjoyed
them. I have denied and denied, but I will deny no longer. I really like reading supernatural romances.

Okay I feel better.

20. Definitely Dead - Harris

I finished this afternoon. Unfortunately I don't have All Together Dead yet, but I am anxiously awaiting Tuesday when it is released. I think I may be going through withdrawals, but I don't know and maybe I wouldn't admit it if I were. So yeah, just as good as the rest, still pretty sexy and now there's a weretiger. That's pretty cool. I found it funny that I said Sookie was kind of a slut in the last post, but in this one she wasn't so much. (Not that I mind a slutty Sookie. She certainly keeps me amused.) She didn't have actual sex with anyone in this book. And she only kissed a couple different guys so that's pretty chaste for her.
I have one complaint about these books so far. This is definitely the English major in me speaking, but here it is: Would it kill the people who publish these books to hire someone who can read and pick out various grammatical errors. Every single one of the books has had at least a couple that made me stop and re-read just to make sure that it was really there. It is so distracting. There were situations where the wrong word was used and the sentence made absolutely no sense. Is it so difficult to proofread? I've never encountered this in any other series, but it frustrates me. The errors will not make me quit reading the series, but I am still annoyed.
I'm done now. I have no idea what to read next. Maybe I'll take a day off. Maybe not.

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